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What do we offer you? In our experience for Business men we will prepare the trip that you always dreamed of. Luxury cities, island relaxation, Asian culture or the best clubs and private parties, just prepared to enjoy. We will personally show you the most fun places and give you some free time in our personalized experiences we have created for you. If you want to change the countries or the days in each, we will make the experience to you:

10 days

You will arrive first in Thailand, the most fun and crazy destination in the world. Temples, beaches, markets, incredible food and exclusive parties to have a great time with your friends. We create your 10 day trip with 1 weekend in Bangkok, where the party is continuous, as well as the culture or the best food in Southeast Asia. And 5 days in Phuket visiting Ko Phi Phi island, two paradises on earth, two places full of beaches, madness and parties with your friends or relax, you decide. Finally, a weekend in Manila, with a touch of culture but with the upscale parties and restaurants, and exceptional feminine atmosphere. All the trip we will do to your taste depending on the experience you want, luxury dinners, meeting women or champagne in exclusive clubs, there is no limit. Live that experience.

10 days

Do you want to live a contrast enjoying the two most different destinations that we offer? Probably our most complete trip, it will not lack anything. Firstly, Singapore, the Business men city in the XXI century with its skyscrapers, luxury hotels, rooftops, top-class restaurants and models in all the clubs. We have prepared the weekend of your life there. And then a bit of culture in the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Southeast Asia's greatest cultural paradise. You enjoy them for 4 days, with golf included and enjoying the local food and party in the evenings. Finally, the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Pehn, the most surreal and fun city you can imagine. Did you never want to lose yourself in a place where nobody knew you and forget about work? This is the place for it with an experience that you do not expect. 


Are you looking for the most exclusive parties in the city in a more relaxed atmosphere? We prepare everything for you. We offer you 3 days, 2 nights of the most crazy and exclusive experience, with meals in luxury restaurants, tickets with table in the best clubs for adults, luxury hotel included and the most beautiful and classy women you can imagine. Everything is prepared for you to be the main character, alone or in group, in any of the cities that we offer. 

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